On November 17th the Culinary festival took place in Keshan, Turkey.

The closing activity under project CulinaryNeighborhoodNetwork(CuliN),financed through the INTERJREG-IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Bulgaria-Turkey Programmebrought good mood and demonstrated many different and delicious local Turkish and Bulgarian dishes.

During the official part, at the beginning of the festival, greetings for the project and for the created delicious cooperation expressed the mayor ofKeshan – Mr. Mehmet Yozadzhan.

Mr. HuseinChakmak / President of the Tradesmen Chamber of Keshan Restaurants Cafes and Hotels / and Ms YankaDimitrova / President of Association BIO NETWORK/ reported the successful work in the project and expressed their confidence in continuing the fruitful cooperation between all stakeholders from both regions – Edirne and Burgas.

The main part of the festival offered all attendees traditional Turkish tray dzhiger, rice, kebabs, ashure, halva from cheese, breads, soups and fish and more. The Bulgarians presented – pumpkin, sweet chili peppers, toast, vegetable pancakes, banitsa, sarmas, pear grout and dozens of delicious dishes.

Bulgarian folk songs and Turkish folk dances brought interesting emotions, bringing everyone in a great dance.The culinary festival in Keshan ended, proving that the friendship is a fact, the similarities and differences between the peoples are interesting, useful, delicious and cheerful.

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