Searching for the best culinary routes, our roads have crossed with the Mayor of MalkoTarnovo – Mr. IlianYanchev, Mrs. Veska Todorova – Director of Tourist Information Center in MalkoTarnovo for Strandzha Region, with Mrs. Milena Drentcheva – the secretary of the local community center. We met representatives of the Historical and Ethnographic Museum in the city.

Our trip passed through the town of Sredets and met with Mr. Ivan Zhabov – mayor of Sredets Municipality. This municipality is currently working on wine-tourism culinary routes that fully correspond to our theme and objective.

To sum up all our meetings, we can identify the following culinary regions in the Bourgas region:

  • Black Sea cuisine – the villages on the Black Sea coast Obzor, Saint Vlas, Nessebar, Pomorie, Bourgas, Sozopol, Primorsko, Kiten, Tsarevo, Ahtopol
  • StaraPlanina kitchen – Emona, Kozichino,Aitos, Karnobat, Sungurlare
  • Thracian cuisine – the region of Sredets, Debelt, Rusokastro andKameno, Bulgarovo
  • Strandzha cuisine – MalkoTarnovo, Brashlyan, Ribarnika, Stoilovo, Bulgari, Kosti and part of Tsarevo Municipality

Studies show that 30 percent of the experiences of each tourist, not only in Bulgaria but also globally, are related to food and the way of welcoming. And since during the period January-June 2017 nearly 3% more tourists have spent the night in Bourgas region, we are obliged to work on the directions – local and traditional cuisine, stories and legends, tasty experiences and culinary hospitality.