The project CulinaryNeighborhoodNetwork aims at creating opportunities for culinary tourism through development of transnational culinary routes and training representatives of the local business and public management on how to get advantage of the developed tourist products in the cross-border municipalities and regions.

Together representatives of the regions of Bourgas (Pomorie) and Edirne (Keshan) will exchange experience, become part of culinary festivals and create a network of sustainable and fruitful contacts.
Our journey starts with exploring the peculiarities of the local cuisine in the two neighboring geographic areas of Bulgaria and Turkey. We will look for similarities and differences, culinary masterpieces, really healthy products and their producers.

Local food is related to legends, stories and fairy tales. Since they are extremely interesting, tourists and travelers are tempted to explore the landmarkslinked with a particular type of food, or depart from their way to visit places close to sightseeing, where delicious local specialties and clean, useful, real food are prepared.